Grand Challenge Participation Rules:


A single and verified account per participant. Only verified accounts are allowed to submit to the ATLAS challenge. You can not submit from multiple grand-challenge accounts. Each participant is allowed to solely submit from a single account. 


Participants are only allowed to share scripts among their team members. Code sharing with other participants should be made publicly available through our forum.


Teams are allowed. Participants in a team are not allowed to make individual submissions outside of their team, as this unfairly increases the submission chances. Each participant can only join one team.

Exclusion policy

We reserve the right to exclude from ATLAS challenge those participants/teams breaking any of these rules.


In order to be considered in the ATLAS MICCAI LEADERBOARD and in order to be invited as a co-author for the final  challenge results manuscript, participants MUST comply with the following requirements (in addition to the above mentioned GC rules; these are the same rules for the ISLES'22 MICCAI challenge):

1) Submission of a working method to the final TEST (algorithm/docker evaluation) phase of the challenge.

2) Submission of an abstract describing the adopted solution (max 2 pages, free-format, tables/figures allowed)

3) Registration to the BrainLes workshop in MICCAI'22:

4) Open GitHub repository for the submitted algorithm with a permissive open source license (e.g. Apache 2.0).

TO PARTICIPATE, FILL OUT THIS GOOGLE DOC BY AUGUST 17, 2022! It has a place to upload your abstract and proof of registration as a zipped file  (please name your file with your username/team name under which the algorithm submission was submitted).

Participants that do not comply with the ATLAS rules will be excluded from the MICCAI leaderboard and from the challenge manuscript. Please note that you do not need to participate in ATLAS@MICCAI to submit on Grand Challenge. 


  • The  final ATLAS ranking will be announced at MICCAI'22, during the BrainLes workshop (September 18th).
  • Important: The ranking in grand-challenge and the ATLAS-MICCAI rankings are separate.

After MICCAI'22, the grand-challenge leaderboard will be published and it will remain running and evaluating post-MICCAI challenge submissions. However, this ranking might differ from our MICCAI challenge ranking, as it is computed in a different way, and weighted differently (e.g., the algorithm performance on hidden test data will be weighted 4x more than the performance on public test data). For the MICCAI challenge and for the manuscript, only the ATLAS-MICCAI ranking is considered.

Note: These challenge rules are the same as the ISLES'22 challenge (